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Commission Chartering Services

Without expert assistance, chartering often feels like navigating unchartered waters. Rely on the reputable services we provide to find your way in this ever-shifting industry.


Rely on Practical, Informed Reports

The comprehensive reports we generate will help you to steer your business in the right direction. Simply get in touch to begin receiving the valuable help we offer.


Discover an Unbeatable Career

Nothing compares to a thrilling career in ship broking. Consult our careers page to see how you could contribute to our close-knit team of experienced professionals.

About Us

Following 16 years of tanker chartering and sale and purchase experience, our director, Mr. Giuseppe Rosano, rose to the level of senior director at one of the world’s largest ship brokerage firms. Despite recognising all of the benefits of working at such an established company, he found himself restricted.

It became clear to our director that working differently, on a smaller scale, would offer singular advantages – including the room to truly focus on a client’s needs with flexibility and creativity.

As a result, on January 4th 2007, Alibra was founded. Using a less conventional, more individualised approach, our company aims to maintain long-term relationships that are built upon information, trust, and discretion.