Greeks still in the lead at the end of the first half

Greek companies continue to lead the way in vessel ordering
this year, followed closely by Chinese firms, according to Alibra data.

Some 146 firm vessels have been ordered so far this year across
the bulker, tanker and container segments. Some 26 optional vessels are
attached, of which all but two are for tankers – showing that shipping
companies still see some potential upside in the wet trade. Whether these
options will be exercised is anyone’s guess.

Internationally, buyer appetite continues to be for tankers.
Of all 93 firm orders for tankers from buyers around the world, 27 are for
VLCCs (plus 8 options – the most numerous). Some 23 orders have been placed for
aframaxes, of which around half will be LR2s. A great deal of orders have been
seen for small tankers too – we’ve tracked deals for 21 tankers of up to 15,000

So far this year, Greeks have ordered 40 of these 146 firm
vessels, while Chinese buyers account for 26. China has exclusively contracted
tankers across a wide range of tonnages. Only around 65% (26 vessels) of Greek
orders were for tankers, in which they favoured VLCCs (15 ships). We’ve also
tracked firm orders from Greeks for 14 bulk carriers, of which 10 will be panamaxes.

International companies continue to favour China and South
Korea as the place to build their bulkers, tankers and containerships.
Respectively, the countries account for 45% and 44% of all the firm orders we’ve
tracked this year. Japanese yards have so far only snared 7%.

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